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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

8/31/07 "One Woman's Best Friend"

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Am I alone? Just what did Leona Helmsley's grandkids have to do to get less inheritance than her dog? I understand loving your pet. But to just to cut off your flesh and blood seems a tad bit extreme. Did they give her enough attention? Did they say things they regret? Maybe no thank you cards, no phone calls, no "I love you's." Did they not show their appreciation? Or was she just mean. Even the grandkids who got the 5 million dollars still fared a lot less than the pooch. That still has to bite. I'm sure they have a bone to pick with this entire situation. Puns intended..ha..ha.!!! But it seems like her Maltese named "Trouble" must not have caused too much. Because with his 12 million, he'll be lapping up luxury. And with that kind of cash, he can put his nose in all kinds of business. Heck, he may even have his own best friend, a two legged butler. Ha..ha..!!! But will he prefer the filet over the burger? Will he insist on gold plated doggie bowls? I know it's voyeuristic, but I still would love to know just what these grandkids did to end up in the dog house. Ha..ha..!!!

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