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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

8/27/07 Name that Anchor

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I introduce myself to anyone I first meet. It just seems like the right thing to do. I clearly say my first and last name. Many people have asked me why I do that. They believe that no introduction is necessary. Some jokingly say, everyone knows who you are. I chuckle to myself because I know better! I may do at least 15 live shows a week,( sometimes 20 even 25), but that is no guarantee that people know who I am. Nor should I expect them to. I am not the center of their lives. They are busy with family, work, children pets hobbies etc. I have been confused with so many people that it's downright funny. One woman recently thought I was her psychic. How funny is that? I think it would be arrogant to assume that everyone knows who I am. Plus, I remember years ago running into a male anchor at a competing station at a much smaller market. He believed everyone knew his name. Nice enough guy. Though I had not worked with him, I got the impression that he thought he mattered just a weeeeee too much..Ha..ha..!!! Anyhow, during our impromptu mall small talk, a lady stopped and screamed loudly at the male anchor. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!! The newsman looked up, smiled and proudly said, of course you do. Her next words. YOU INSTALLED MY CARPET!!!! His face went red. Of course, I had to excuse myself quickly and wish him well. My sudden departure was necessary because I was beside myself with laughter. I was in hysterics. But I did not think it would be nice to laugh in front of this news-guy. After all, he had been in the market for many years! So, that is why I always introduce myself. I am well aware. Not everyone knows my name!

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Milwaukee, WI

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