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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

8/21/07 I Love Stormy Weather

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Some people are complaining about the weather this week. They say it is dreary and depressing. But, I am just the opposite. You may find me weird, but I see a beauty in cloudy and gray days. I find a strange peace when its raining, or snowing for that matter. If every day was sunny, we would lose our ability to appreciate them. A change of weather is good for the earth, and good for the soul. It reminds me that life is about transitions. And without cloudy days, it's hard to appreciate the sunny ones. Plus, we cannot expect nature to deliver blue skies and sunshine every day. That is not what life is about. To be fully human, we must experience, pain, disappointment, sadness along with love, acceptance,and joy. Understanding this helps us grow, and survive. Many people search for a place to live with the perfect weather. They want sun, surf and beach all the time. But the perfect weather to me is a place that shows me all natures symphonies. I do not want live where the weather is all the same. Nor do I want to live where people are alike. The most beautiful souls I have met, do not come with perfect bodies. Just like cloudy days, they have their own special beauty. The next time you feel down about a stormy day just remember, it takes rain to make a rainbow.

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Milwaukee, WI

Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds
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