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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

7/27/07 "Leave Lindsay Alone"

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She's an easy target for comedians. But as much as I like a good laugh..the plight of Lindsay Lohan is not funny to me. It's sad. It is about a young lady, 21 years old with addiction problems. A young lady at risk of hurting herself and others. We should not take this lightly. This is the case of a young woman without a strong credible support system. Yes, she has made mistakes. At her age..who has not? The jokes just are not that funny anymore. Relapsing so shortly after rehab is nothing more than a sad cry for help. And many in this country are laughing. Why? I suspect some are jaded...others may be jealous. I suppose when you're rich, young beautiful and talented you become a target. Parents should use Lohan as a teaching lesson for their adolescents. All the money, fame, and dieting means nothing if you have not worked on your soul. Nothing builds a strong foundation like faith, family, and real friends. I have compassion for young women like Lindsay. They have stumbled..they have lost their way. But they need our prayers, not laughter.

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