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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

7/25/07 "Fattest And Drunkest?"

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Oh my!! Old stereotypes die hard. Usually because they are perpetuated by distorted information. I.e..Bucks center Andrew Bogut's description of Milwaukee as the fattest and drunkest city in America. But Mr. Bogut..when it comes to the fattest city..there is evidence to suggest otherwise! Case in point. According to the 2007 Men's Fitness Magazine, Milwaukee is rated the 16Th fittest city.That's fittest not fattest!!!Yes we made the top 25. But wait there's more.The magazine also has a list for the top fattest cities. Guess what! Milwaukee is does not make the list. We are not fat enough!!! Stop laughing I know what you're thinking. Chicago makes it the list. Las Vegas comes in number 1. No surprise there. I admit, I have often loudly proclaimed my distaste for all magazine polls. It's just a way to get free publicity for the publication. But now that Andrew Bogut has proclaimed us fat and drunk, I couldn't hep but check out the Men's Fitness poll. The truth is we are no fatter than any other city. No matter where you live, obesity is a challenge in this country. Let's not act like it's just a Milwaukee thing. It's a national crisis. And we in Milwaukee do ourselves no favors by suggesting it's just us. Maybe someone can send Andrew Bogut a copy of Men's Fitness. Now about the drunkest city comment...well, that's another blog. Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!

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