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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

7/20/07 "A Shout Out to One News Consultant"

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News Flash...most of those who work in the TV News business do not have the greatest love for news consultants. For those of you wondering who they are and what they do, basically they come in and tell you how to make things better. They may share opinions on what is right or wrong about your newsroom, newscast, or news anchor. It's a tough job. The men and women usually travel all over the country offering advice in different newsrooms and markets. Over the years I have heard many people share their assessments about consultant A or B. Usually, it's not pretty. Certain words come to mind...Loathe, hate, repugnant, despise, useless, annoying, offensive..ha..ha..!! (For some odd reasons those words make me laugh!!!) I have heard producers call consultants "insultants." That is why I am so fascinated by our newsroom consultant Joseph Rovitto of ClemensenRovitto Incorporated. He comes into the newsroom and just about everyone from the producers to the editors will have positive comments. Even those who have never worked with him. You hear phrases like "I like him".."He's got a great personality"...He gives constructive advice" .."What he says makes sense!" This may seem inconsequential. But I have been in newsrooms where when the consultant arrived..the staff acted like a pariah had jumped out of the water. I've seen people roll their eyes in disgust, leave meetings mad, and render the consultant useless. But that is not the case with Joe. The other day he was in our newsroom, and a new editor came up to me and said out of the blue.."That guy you were talking to seemed really cool." She had no idea who he was or why he was here. But it's simple. Joe is a good guy, He's friendly, smart, and understands the challenges of news. Most importantly, he understands people. He knows how to impart information in a positive and non-demeaning way. Perhaps best of all, Joe is the first to admit he does not know everything. But with his approachable manner, we usually find that he knows more than those who think they do. It's nice to know that even in a profession maligned as much as news consultants...there are standouts and there are winners! Joe you are a pleasure to know and work with!!!

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