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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

7/18/07 Live at Five Confession- "Accessorize This!"

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7/18/07 Live at Five Confession- "Accessorize This!" Do you consider yourself a fashionista? Me neither! This confession is proof. It's enough to make the Glamour Magazine Don't List. It could make a shopaholic trip over her Prada shoes. I made a fatal fashion faux pas yesterday on the 5:00 news. After I got of the set, I took off my IFB (that's the thing we wear in our ears to hear the producer yell at us about talking too much!) While I was in the dressing room I looked closely at my silver earrings. Suddenly I shrieked in horror! Yes you guessed it. I had done the entire show with two different earrings. As sad as that is...I could not help but crimes make me laugh...even my own! I think I mentioned my mistake to Lauren Leamanczyk who happened to be in the dressing room at the same time..She laughed..and said she couldn't tell. To be fair, the two earrings were similar. She's right..they were. Nevertheless, I have not been brave enough to go back and check the "Live at Five" tape. Since no one called to complain I figured let bygones be bygones. At least my shoes matched..ha..ha..!!!!! So, I got my strength back....and by Live at Six, I was a new woman..back on the air with matching earrings!!! And a new personal commandment.."Thou shall double check your earlobes before you go on live TV!!!!"

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