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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

7/06/07 Sex Story: For Women Only

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It's always puzzled me. Why a women's self esteem is so much lower than men's. What's the deal? I mean, you can talk to the most beautiful woman and she will within seconds easily let you know that she does not feel so beautiful. Of course she thinks she's fat. She may not like her thighs, her hips, or whatever. But you can talk to a man..and more often than not, he is perfectly OK with himself. He's feeling great. He may have a pot belly, crooked teeth or wrinkles....but he likes himself. He may even believe he's a stud!! Sadly, many young girls look at cover girls and aspire to look like the models or movie stars they see on the screen. Maybe they want to be like Beyonce. Lindsay Lohan, or dare I say..Paris Hilton. Often their dreams of a specific body type are unattainable and impossible. Have you ever heard a man say.. if only my body was like Brett Favre's. Why can't I be as handsome as Michael Jordan or Brad Pit? Why? It's because this culture accepts men for what they are...wrinkles, pot bellies, jowls and all. That's why I decided long ago to think like a man!! I know it sounds crazy. But I refuse to beat myself up because I am not perfect. I find myself quite charming anyhow...ha..ha!!! Plus, I have seen Hollywood's perfection.. it's airbrushed and often boring!! I frequently give speeches to young girls. When they start to bemoan their looks, I give them a simple exercise. Go the mall, a festival, a fair..whatever. Check out the wide variety of people. Count the next twenty people you see. Chances are you look better than most of them..Ha..ha..!!!! Then go home and rejoice...and spend the rest of your life accepting yourself and loving yourself..flaws and all. Think like a man!!!!

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