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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

4/9/07 Meekins Musings

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Well, unfortunately we have plenty of "not so positive" souls out there. After my last blog I received several calls and E-Mails from people tired of encountering those with a lack of civility...or more to the point rude people. Messages came from all over. But this one really struck a chord. How hard could it be to push a cart for another human being? I think we should all be like Brenda..commit random acts of kindness. After all, they create happy faces...and we all know smiles are contagious!!! I am sharing Brenda's e mail with her permission. Hello, First, let me tell you how much I've enjoyed watching your news reporting over the years. You are truly unique and talented! Regarding your blog, I wholeheartedly agree!! People in general have very little patience, respect or courtesy for anyone around them. As I've grown older (I'm 47), I notice I've mellowed. I believe I've forced myself to do so, rather than succumb to the majority who seems to have gone the other direction. I try to do random acts of kindness when I can. And driving the highways always gives me a chance to let someone into traffic in front of me, etc. I need to tell you a recent occurrence in that same vein. Currently, I'm somewhat handicapped, walking with two canes due to my rheumatoid arthritis which, because of an infection has prevented me from taking my wonderful immune-suppressive arthritis drugs. Anyway, I was at our local grocery store a few weeks ago, during some inclement weather. After struggling to unload my groceries from my cart, I asked a middle aged man walking past if he would mind taking my cart back to the store for me. He was walking in that direction. Rather than just do this small act, he started scolding me, asking if I had a small child in the car, telling me he "didn't work at the store". I then told him to forget it, grabbed my canes and proceeded to return my cart. Then guilt took over and he offered to take my cart once he saw my canes. I asked him why he would return it then but not just out of the goodness (if there was any) of his heart. It amazed me that he would take the time to argue with me, rather than just do one small act of kindness. This was in the small town of Lomira. So much for small town hospitality! My husband and I are very happy in our lives and get tired of hearing people constantly whine and complain about their lives. Our motto is, if you don't like something, change it or accept it. We try to enjoy whatever life sends our way. Just annoyed at how people continue to "blame" the world around them for their own unhappiness. A little courtesy and respect goes a long way, I'm just not sure how we'll ever get that back in today's society. We'll just have to do our part and hope it catches on! Thanks for making us smile as we watch the evening news, keep up the great job! Have a great week and a wonderful Easter weekend! Brenda Brown ~a viewer from rural NW Washington County~

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Milwaukee, WI

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