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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

4/2/2007 Meekins Musings

Not so Positive Thoughts

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MEEKINS MUSINGS Is it rudeness or laziness? I do not know. But I feel compelled to write about it. Maybe it's me. But I appreciate the common courtesies in life. Nothing dramatic. Just a simple thank you, a nod ..a smile. Why is this so hard for a growing segment of the population? Case in point. If I am about to walk across a street and a vehicle lets me go first I always smile and hurry across. Just to be nice. I figure that driver was nice enough to need for me to saunter. But what annoys me are those who take their own sweet time. You know the type. They also fail to give you a nod, or a smile of thanks. They feel so special that they take their own sweet time. Some even slow down. Some even give you that "I'm so superior look"!! Is it a power trip? Is it rudeness? Or could it be just a lack of awareness of the world outside of themselves. Annoying!!!!! My lesson for courteous in the crosswalk of life...before success rolls right past you.

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Milwaukee, WI

Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds
SW at 10 mph

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