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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

2/22/07 "Remembering Bo”

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Have you ever met a person you felt like you have known your whole life? That is how I felt when got a chance to get to know former Summerfest Executive Director Bo Black. I really found out what kind of person Bo Black was when former first lady Sue Ann Thompson, asked Bo and me to be honorary co-chairs of a women’s health walk. I loved Bo right away. She’s down to earth, fun, has a great sense of humor. But most importantly, this mother of three has a great soul. Bo loves Milwaukee and helping others. She’s real, authentic, and genuine, and kind. While Bo is known for her beauty, she is also smart. Being around Bo is to be in the company of a dynamo. She has a natural magnetism and appeal that is rare. It’s a star quality that you really cannot teach or buy. You either have it or you do not. Bo does. Bo has fans of both sexes. Women and men are quick to sing her praises. She’s widely known for helping young people especially minority teens. I still get calls from people who tell me t the former Summerfest Star gave them their start. Bo Black worked with some of the top celebrities of the world. But what’s impressive are the calls I’ve gotten from regular folks...a waitress, a teacher, or a student. They share stories about how Bo impacted their lives. Bo was blessed with good looks. But she is just as smart as she is beautiful. Bo Black may thrive in the spotlight, but she does not crave it. That can mean the difference between being deep or being shallow. Bo has depth. When I interviewed Bo in Phoenix this past fall I found that Bo still had a lot of spark. She lamented her weight gain from all of the medicine. To be honest, I could not see it. To me she still looked fabulous. During that interview, Bo had one primary concern. Warn others to get their blood pressure under control. Even while sick, Bo Black reached out to others. And that’s why we all feel a connection to Milwaukee’s Hometown Queen. Bo, has graced our lives and warmed our hearts. Because of Bo Black, it will always be summer in Milwaukee!!!

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