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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Open letter to the Stranger at PF Chang's

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One of the perks of this job is that people will often let you know how they feel about a variety of subjects. Many people are very passionate or vocal about their stance about whatever the topic might be. Most are kind and considerate. Very few are rude.

Not too long ago I was at P.F Changs' in Wauwatosa. An attractive African American woman came up to me and gave me a napkin and walked away. The note read, "You are a beautiful woman you represent us well!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

It was signed "Donna".  

How sweet and how touching. Donna walked away before I could thank her. But this classy random act of kindness made my month. Her simple gesture was a strong reminder that it's always nice to share good thoughts. Sometimes people only do so when they are mad or angry. So to "Donna" from P.F. Changs, thank you for finding a way to find sunshine during an uneventful winter day in Wisconsin.

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