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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

LeRoy Butler cooked for me!

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There are good weekends and there are great weekends. And this past weekend was great for me and several friends and family members. Why? Well Packers Hall of Famer LeRoy Butler proved that he is just as remarkable off the field as on. This spring I bid on an auction item. It was a LeRoy Butler Package to raise money for the LeRoy Butler Foundation which promotes cancer awareness. Well I won, and that meant a party hosted by LeRoy in my home. That in and of itself was fabulous enough for me. But what shocked me and all of my guests was just how truly wonderful and down to earth LeRoy proved to be.

Butler showed up with his own chef. Chef "Bernie" Bernhard  apparently accompanies the former safety at these such parties. Honestly, I just figured that the Chef would do all the work, and LeRoy would be a figurehead and shake hands, then quickly leave. Wrong!

To my amazement, hanging out with the inventor of the Lambeau Leap was like hanging out with family. He was so easy to get to know and approachable.  A friendly man, who clearly enjoys people.

And yes, the Packer's legend even cooked! I had to keep doing a double-take when I realized that LeRoy Butler was grilling outside on my patio. And the food, delicious!! But the Hall of Famer did not stop there. LeRoy even went around offering  hors d'oeuvre's and served up the dinner. He interacted with each and every guest. Leroy's Famous Burgers, salmon, beef tenderloin, LeRoy's famous Mac N Cheese, and asparagus with Béarnaise sauce were just a few of the menu offerings.  

This was all a part of raising money for the LeRoy Butler Foundation which raises awareness about breast cancer.  Butler credits his mom with teaching him good values and the importance of giving back.

As a result, LeRoy Butler is a true inspiration. He understands life, community and reaching out.  Even if LeRoy Butler had never helped lead the Packers to a Super Bowl victory, he would still be a winner. His humanity is evident as soon as his smile lights up the room. His warmth, personality and magnetism are irresistible. LeRoy Butler is clearly the real deal. Next week, watch Positively Milwaukee Live at 5:00. I'll have a report on our party and the LeRoy Butler Foundation. You will find out why LeRoy has made a personal commitment to women's health. That's next Monday on Live at 5.

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