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Mob Attacks and Social Media

Concerned Citizen Responds

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I received the following e-mail after my last blog on the State Fair attacks.

Though Chief Ed Flynn says there is no evidence of social media organizing the attacks, this has become a problem all over the country.

The following e-mail makes an excellent point, there should be serious consequences if social networking is used to incite violence.

The world has changed so fast, it’s time for the laws to catch up with technology!

Laura said I could share her concerns so here is her letter:

Carol, I am a concerned citizen and recently read your Solution to Mob Attacks. Weapons of mass destruction..

The recent event at State Fair left me, once again, speechless. How can anyone justify harming innocent persons walking to or fro anywhere?

I am sick to my stomach knowing it will happen sooner than later.

It has become commonplace for teen fights and attacks to be viewed by all.

Any child, regardless of age, can go straight to YouTube and do a search for “girl fights.” Within that page you will find numerous assaults.

Word on the street is that teens and adults are using social networking devices for mob attacks.

If a man or woman threatens or harms another with a gun, confiscation occurs. Individuals are using their cell phones and computers to wreak havoc. It is time we label them as deadly weapons and remove both from the hands of assailants.

If anyone, regardless of age, utilizes their cell phone or computer to harm another individual, confiscation will occur. Law Enforcement must then contact cell phone and internet companies and insist that accounts cease immediately.

One step further would be to create a list for the local library and school to ensure the guilty party not be allowed internet access.

Without cell phones, text messaging, internet or tweeting, it will more than difficult to create yet another mob attack.

Cell phones and computers are a privilege, not a right. If you abuse another via this route, you must face the consequences.

For the parents who state their children “need” a cell phone, insist they obtain a land line. Remind them that we of a certain age survived without, so will their children.

Take action before lives are taken.

Enough is enough.

Laura Beyer


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