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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Solution to Mob Attacks

State Fair Sadness

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After the reports of the attacks at State Fair, it's hard not to feel anything but sadness. Sadness for the victims, the city, and for our state.

The actions of a few will paint a negative picture for years to come. But I have the solution.

We as a society must stop forgetting that kids must be nurtured. We must remind young adults that bringing children into the world without a family unit, puts that child at a lifetime disadvantage.

Boys and girls need a mother and a father.

After hearing about the news, one viewer called me and talked about being a grown woman, but never knowing her dad. She admits, it still hurts, and makes her feel inadequate and insecure.

But she has conquered the odds and is about to graduate from college. But her struggle has been long and difficult.

If we want to put an end to this epidemic of senseless violence, we must preach to our young people, that teen pregnancies are like handing a child a certificate of failure. Of course there are exceptions. But life is difficult enough without making it tougher on a child from the start.

Check the prisons, the jails, those arrested for violent and non-violent crimes. Statistics prove there's a good chance the perpetrator is a child of teen pregnancy, there was an absent father or both.

We can stop this plague. We just need to fight hard against a cavalier attitude about having babies.

A child needs a warm, nurturing loving environment, and deserves two parents and a stable home.

Young people getting the attention they need from mom and dad are less likely to be in the streets acting up.

If we do not prevent the breakdown of families our young people will continue to be doomed. And sadly, so will we.

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