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Carole Meekins: Positively Milwaukee

Helping Dahmer Victims

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How many times have you been out of town, and told someone you were from Milwaukee?

Then the next thing out of their mouth, "Oh, that's where Jeffrey Dahmer is from."


Sadly, there is nothing we can do about that.

But like many of the victims families, I believe there should be a Milwaukee memorial to the victims.

I recently interviewed Carolyn Smith, the sister of Eddie Smith who was murdered by Dahmer.

Eddie Smith was 27 years old when he was lured by Dahmer.

After more than 20 years, his sister Carolyn is still living the nightmare. Smith remains haunted by her brothers violent death.

Smith is a soft spoken woman with kind, big brown eyes and flawless skin. She is smart and articulate.

She remembers Eddie always making her laugh. But these days, Smith is prisoner.

In a sense, Jeffrey Dahmer still holds her hostage. She battles depression, sadness, and lives with agoraphobia. Venturing outdoors is hard.

Carolyn believes that a memorial, a marker, a shrine to Dahmer's victims would do a lot to help her emotionally.

I agree.

Few of us can know that agony or grief that Smith has had to endure. We cannot undo the hurt and pain Dahmer has caused.

But we can at least add a bit of peace to the those still suffering.

I think we should find it in our hearts to pay tribute to these men whose lives ended too soon.

No, these loved ones will never forget the monster.

But perhaps a permanent marker would release the emotional chains that Dahmer still dangles from the grave.

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