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Brian Gotter: Welcome Back, Gotter

Weather and a whole lot more!

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  • Live Like a Millionaire

    Today is Be a Millionaire Day..I guess so you can live it up before the World ends tomorrow. It is also Bike to Work Day (that is why you will be a millionaire..all the gas money you will save). It is Pick Strawberries Day and Rhubarb Day.

  • It's Always Something

    Go figure! Milwaukee could hit 70 tomorrow afternoon for the first time this spring, but it is also the predicted day of the end of the world. So not fair...Sunday could be 80. It's always something around here and this time it's not the Lake's fault, or is it?

  • Sad Day

    I am in a funk today as my friend Daryl Hawks is laid to rest in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. He died last Thursday at the age of 38 in Atlanta while covering the Chicago Bulls for Chicago's NBC5. Cause of death still has not been determined yet.

  • The Lake Temperature

    Living next to Lake Michigan makes weather forecasting more of a challenge in Milwaukee, Sheboygan and Racine compared to Madison, La Crosse or Wausau.

  • Great Day!

    Finally a beautiful day unless you are in one of the areas of patchy dense fog along the lakefront. The wind is out of the ENE and very light, so the cooler at the lake is very near the lake with temperatures in the upper 50s. Just a few blocks west of the lake, temps are in the 60s and mid 70s west of Waukesha with a lot of sunshine.

  • Nicknames

    Everyone has nicknames; some are fitting for the person and their personality and others are just funny or even mean. Some of us get a nickname because of something we did or because of who we look like. Vince Vitrano has called me Drago from Rocky since the first week I worked at TMJ4 almost 5 years ago because I supposedly look like him...I wish!

  • No Deal

    I wrote a blog yesterday about The Grafton Bowl and how it is going through ownership changes but I was holding out for a deal for my friends that have worked there for decades.

  • Playboy Online

    I learn something everyday while doing the news and today's tidbit was very intriguing and surprising. Playboy is going online for just $60 a year and you get access to every magazine from the past 60 years...I am surprised that this is just now becoming an option.

  • A Mild Weekend?

    Today is the pick day of the week with just a few clouds, a light breeze and highs in the 60s and 70s. Temperatures along the lakefront will drop into the 50s this afternoon, but at least the wind is light compared to the 30-55 mph gusts we had last Saturday through Monday. The NE winds have kept us a good 15 to 20 degrees below normal near the lake and about 10 degrees below normal west of Waukesha this week, even with the sunshine. Cool weather is not uncommon in May, especially near the lake, and the record low for today is 34 from 1895. On this date in 2002, the high was only 44, which tied for the coldest high temperature for today…the normal high today is 68 degrees. Last weekend was windy and cold with highs in the 40s and tomorrow will be near 70 and Sunday will be near 80 with thunderstorms both days, especially Saturday. Finally, a mild weekend! For the first time this spring, yes the first time, Milwaukee will be in the 70s, and maybe 3 days in a row including Monday. Since April 1st, 49 days, Milwaukee has been in the 80s twice (April 10 was 84; May 12 was 86), 60s 12 days, 40s 17 days and 1 day in the 30s. Last April and May had 5 80s, 10 70s, 7 60s and 9 40s.

  • Garage Sale

    Another sign of spring...garage sale signs pop up during the weekends and this weekend we are having a garage sale with our friends in Cedarburg. This weekend is the annual Cedar Pointe garage sale in Cedarburg. Never heard of it? Its insane. Not as big as the Jackson Village Garage Sale, but it is crazy busy.

  • Hazy Today...Friday NICE!

    Another day of clouds and a chance for sprinkles with areas of lake fog, but at least the temperatures are warmer and you can feel the humidity, and there is even some sunshine around the area. Highs today will be near 60 along the lake before the NE wind cools temperatures to near 50, meanwhile, inland areas will be flirting with 70 and a little sunshine.

  • Last Call

    It has been a tough year and a half for friends of mine in Grafton and Saturday night was the Last Call! The Grafton Bowl as many people know it is no longer. The doors were closed for the last time on Sunday and there was a huge "party" Saturday night. It seemed like the entire town was their for Tiddly, Goody and Katy.

  • Ali's Concert

    I can't believe how fast this school year has flown by and Monday night, Ali had her school Spring Music Concert.

  • MACC Fund Dinner

    I was not able to attend last night's "An evening with Aaron Rodgers" at the Grand Ballroom in Milwaukee's Hyatt Regency for the MACC Fund, and I heard I missed a great event. It was a very successful night as Rodgers, Woodson, Trent Dilfer and other athletes helped raise more than $225,000 for the MACC Fund.

  • Oakland Gyros

    Tina made my morning when she asked if I wanted to have lunch with her, and then she suggested Oakland Gyros, and I could not wait for 1:15 this afternoon. My mouth was watering just thinking about the best Gyros in Milwaukee, or possibly in the country. The cucumber sauce is the best.

  • Fall Returns

    Clouds, fog and drizzle, along with isolated light rain showers, are in the forecast for today with highs near 50 along the lake and near 60 west of Waukesha.

  • Cool Sunshine

    High pressure is settling in across the Upper Midwest and that means another sunny day and winds are lighter, while still out of the NE at 10-20 mph. Highs got into the lower 50s near the lakefront this morning and are now dropping into the upper 40s for the rest of the day thanks to that NE wind. After a frosty start, areas west of Waukesha are warming up into the lower 60s today.

  • $135.00!

    The gas prices just keep going up and up and now Wisconsin is experiencing the highest gas prices..ever!

Milwaukee, WI

SSW at 7 mph

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