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Brian Gotter: Welcome Back, Gotter

Weather and a whole lot more!

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  • More Clouds & Showers

    The past two days have been very wet and stormy and the huge low pressure system responsible for the mess continues to affect Milwaukee’s weather for the next few days. The severe weather threat is over, but showers and scattered downpours are still likely today, tonight and tomorrow as the low slowly moves east. Highs today will be in the 70s and it will some sunshine and humidity.

  • Severe Storm Coverage

    I was tracking that cluster of t'storms at 1pm in central Illinois and it quickly moved into SE Wisconsin by 2:40 and Milwaukee around 3:30pm with torrential rain and frequent and damaging winds up to 79 mph.

  • Summer Arrives...Humidity & Storms

    It has been a cool and dreary spring, but astronomical summer arrives at 12:16pm today and with it a warm front is bringing summer weather with 80s and high humidity and afternoon and evening T’storms. Areas along the lake will be cooler with patchy fog, but inland areas will be toasty and could hit the mid 80s.

  • Still Tired

    It was a great weekend with Fish's wedding on Saturday. The rehearsal was Friday evening and the dinner downtown Milwaukee was outstanding. Saturday was a long day and the wedding was gorgeous...exactly what I expected from Trinity. She is very detail oriented and did not miss a thing. I was up until almost 1am Sunday morning having a blast with friends at the reception and afterward and only got 90 minutes of sleep ( I did not sleep well because I was worried about over-sleeping and being late for the morning show). I wore my tuxedo on the news Sunday morning for fun and my fear came true. I had to stay late at work as a line of downpours slowly (10mph) tracked from Madison to Milwaukee. The storms were in Madison at 4am and finally moved out over the lake after 11am...that is pathetic. The storms never became severe, but they dropped a lot of rain and if I would have left, warnings would have been's Murphy's Law.

  • Next few days...dreary, humid, stormy

    This week looks to be dreary and rainy in Milwaukee and this morning’s downpours are what we can expect off and on today, Tuesday and Tuesday night as a slow moving storms system brings t’storms and heavy rains into the area. Today’s TMJ4 picked up 1.5” of rain in about 90 minutes this morning and that created flooding in low lying areas in parts of Milwaukee. It will not rain all day, and not everyone will get wet, but these t’showers will drop a lot of rain in a short period of time as they travel slowly to the NE.

  • Morning downpours..few afternon showers

    Happy Father’s Day! We are starting off this morning with scattered downpours and rumbles of thunder west of Milwaukee and they are slowly moving NE. Temperatures are in the 60s and it is hazy and damp. Highs today will be in the upper 60s right along the lakefront, mid 70s in Milwaukee and near 80 west of Waukesha with sunshine and a chance for isolated T’showers this afternoon….don’t cancel any outdoor plans.

  • Got Me!

    Tina got me good today with a surprise video of Ali and Austin wishing me Happy Father's Day to end the noon newscast. We did a story on best TV dad's and I was suprised Mr. Cunningham was not on list & was about to say that when the video started. I looked at the monitor like I know those kids..hey wait a minute..those are my kids!

  • Weather Weddings

    Congratulations to TMJ4 Meteorologists Michael Fish and Jesse Ritka as they get married this weekend. Not to each other..come on! That would have been one of the quickest engagements since Jesse just started a few months ago. I am so happy for both of them and for Trinity and Jason and all their families. I wish I could attend Jesse's wedding in the Twin Cities but Fish and I are like brothers and I have the honor to be standing up in his and Trinity's wedding. Tina is a reader and Ali is the flower girl. I was hoping Austin would be crawling by now so he could crawl down the aisle with the rings, but he will be staying home. I am so honored to be a part of this wedding and this weekend is going to be a moment I will never forget! Can you imagine a meteorologist cool with lightning & Can you imagine a weather marriage? I'm forecasting 75...well I'm forecasting 80. It's mostly cloudy. No it's not you idiot, it's partly cloudy. Oh my God, storm chasing would be chaos. Turn right..we are lost...go get directions. I smell a reality show! Congratulations to Fish and Jesse. I am so happy for the both of you.

  • Lake fog, everyone else fog

    A light east wind returns today and is creating two completely different forecasts for SE Wisconsin. Along the lakefront, highs will struggle to hit 60 with patchy dense fog while areas just a few blocks inland are sunny and mild. Waukesha and areas west will be in the mid to upper 70s with beautiful sunshine today.

  • Why does the sun rise earlier here then in Florida?

    Astronomical summer officially begins tomorrow at 12:16pm making it the day of the year with the most amount of daylight. The sunrise is at 5:13am and the sunset at 8:35pm, or about 15.5 hours of daylight compared to about 9 hours of daylight on the first day of winter on December 21st.

  • Fudge & Veggies

    Today is Dump the Pump so ride your bike or walk to the store to buy some fresh veggies and fudge so you have something to eat while having recess at work. Today is Fudge Day (yummy), Recess at Work Day (should be everyday) and Fresh Veggie Day.

  • Busy Tornado Season

    One year ago today, a tornado outbreak occurred in Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota with 74 twisters. Minnesota was hit the hardest with 48 tornadoes, a new state record for the number of tornadoes in a day and this was the largest tornado outbreak during meteorological summer (June to August). The Alabama Outbreak this year was in April. 16 of the 74 tornadoes were strong to violent, rated EF2 or higher, and 11 of those were in Minnesota and 3 of those were violent EF4’s. That was the first EF4 in Minnesota since July 25, 2000.

  • Sunny & 70s...Nice!

    Yesterday was a miserable fall day in June, and today the sun and 70s return to Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin. The wind is light and that will allow a lake breeze to develop this afternoon so expect cooler temperatures along the lake. There is also a chance for scattered T’showers late this afternoon and evening.

  • New State Fair Food

    Every summer we get so excited about the State Fair...the rides, the music, the people watching and of course the food! There are annual favorites like the creme puff, baked potato, and the corn, but to keep us interested and buying more food, vendors come up with crazy ideas like deep fried beer last year at the Texas State Fair.

  • Dreary Day

    Clouds and T’showers returned to SE Wisconsin this morning as expected and now we are getting a little break, but more showers and rumbles of thunder are likely this afternoon and evening as the storm system slowly moves through Wisconsin. Today will be damp with highs near 60.

  • Another Comfortable Day

    Another gorgeous day across SE Wisconsin with highs in the upper 60s in Milwaukee and along the lakefront and low to mid 70s from Waukesha and inland. The breeze is off the lake and the humidity is low once again, but clouds will be on the increase this afternoon and there is a very slight chance of a shower later this evening. Scattered showers are likely after midnight and even a few rumbles of thunder.

  • Kenny Chesney Concert

    Saturday was a day that Tina and I had been looking forward to for more than 8 months...the Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown Band concert at Lambeau Field. Yes I look for any excuse to go to Lambeau. Tina is the huge country fan, but after 13 years, she is making me see the light. I like Kenny Chesney, but I love Zac Brown Band and I could not wait to see them.

  • I love this weather

    This weather is perfection to me! 70s, low humidity, a light breeze and lots of sunshine. FREE air conditioning and a sweatshirt for the evening. I know many of you want heat and humidity, but this is ideal and it continues tomorrow.

  • Still cool, but beautiful

    A beautiful sunny Monday is the forecast for Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin, but temperatures remain below normal thanks to a light NE wind off the chilly lake. Highs along the water will be in the mid 60s and then dropping into the 50s, while inland areas west of Waukesha will be in the mid 70s with low humidity.

  • MACC Fund Golfing

    I had the honor of golfing in the 35th Annual Chili's MACC Open on Monday at Tuckaway CC. It was my 4th year in a row and every year I meet the greatest people and leave the event feeling like I need to do so much more for the kids of Wisconsin. Everyone associated with the MACC Fund is outstanding and their passion for finding a cure for childhood cancer is so inspiring.

Milwaukee, WI

NE at 5 mph

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