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Brian Gotter: Welcome Back, Gotter

Weather and a whole lot more!

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  • We deserve this great holiday weather

    A perfect 4th of July with sunshine, low humidity, a light breeze and highs in the 80s. A light lake breeze has developed and temps will drop into the 70s near the lakefront this afternoon. This evening will be ideal for watching fireworks with temps in the 70s, a light breeze and a clear sky. The only issue will be mosquitoes since the breeze will be light.

  • Day 1 of Summerfest

    Perfection! The weather was ideal...70, sunshine, low humidity and a light breeze. The crowd was so much fun, loved the weather and so ready to party!

  • Not much sleep

    The past two nights have been rough with barely any sleep. Austin and Ali both got fevers Tuesday evening. Austin's was minor and from teething, but man was he crabby and did not want to sleep. Ali's fever was just under 102 and she was freezing...just like that. One moment we were playing in the backyard, the next minute she was complaining of not feeling well.

  • Past 4th of July weather

    Happy 4th of July! It is hard to believe that it is already the 4th when summer weather finally arrived about a week ago. The myth is that “summer” holidays in Wisconsin usually have miserable weather and that is typically true for Memorial Day and some Labor Days, but the 4th of July is usually very comfortable.

  • July & heat have arrived

    Welcome to July, typically the hottest month of the year and today will feel like a July summer day with highs in the 90s and very high humidity creating dangerous heat indexes near 110 before a cold front drops the humidity and highs into the 80s for the weekend.

  • Summerfest Time

    I worked for John Malan this evening and I will be off on Tuesday enjoying a great weather day and getting ready for Summerfest to begin on Wednesday. I will be down at the Big Gig every day this week and next so come on down and have fun with us. Look for us around the Water Street Brewery and say hi. I will also be walking around a lot during the day looking for great stories to share and taking in all the excitement so please say hi. It is always great to meet our viewers that let us into their homes everyday. Plus, you never know...I may just put you on TV.

  • Great Weekend

    I was looking forward to this past weekend and it delivered! What a great weekend with Tina, the kids and our friends.

  • Top 10 Weather Next Two Days

    Most of Monday was overcast and cool and then the sun appeared this afternoon and temperatures shot up to near 80 and it was humid. A few downpours developed near West Bend earlier, but that has been it so far today. Until the front passes through Milwaukee around 9pm, there is a chance for scattered T’showers in SE Wisconsin…most of us remain dry. After that, clearing, less humid and comfortable lows in the 50s..great sleeping weather!

  • Spring forecast was right on

    A few months ago I wrote about the 90 day Spring Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center and I also stated I usually feel like the opposite occurs from what is predicted…not this spring. The prediction was for a cool and wet spring and everyone will agree it was just that. The outlook could have just said nasty and that would have been a perfect forecast.

  • Monday T'storms...Nice Week

    The first weekend of summer delivered with beautiful weather but clouds and rain showers return by morning and T’storms likely throughout the day and some may become severe with large hail. Highs will be in the mid 70s and humid.

  • Fish Wedding Pictures

    My buddy Fish had his wedding last weekend and here are a few pictures of my family before the ceremony. No personal pictures were allowed during the ceremony or reception so all you get to look at is my beautiful family. I will say that the wedding was elegant and Trinity looked gorgeous in her remarkable dress. Thre reception was breathtaking with all the flowers and candles in the was unbelievable and lived up to all the hype.

  • Weekend Plans

    Last weekend was busy and exhausting with Fish's wedding and then working Sunday morning with no sleep. I have caught up on my sleep and this weekend will be so relaxing and the weather will be outstanding!

  • Twinkies in Town

    As a kid growing up in Wisconsin, I despised two teams: Da Bears and the Minnesota Twins!

  • A Great Weekend

    As promised all week, the stubborn low pressure system is finally leaving the area and high pressure is moving in with afternoon sunshine today and highs near 70. This evening will be great with temps falling into the 60s and a light breeze and by morning lows in the mid 50s with patchy fog.

  • Just Let It Go

    Yesterday was Chocolate Eclair favorite. Today is Pink Day (and I forgot to wear a pink tie...what was I thinking?) and Let it Go Day. That could mean let your worries and stress go, or go ahead and eat and drink what you want and let it go. For Cullen and myself, it means let the gustnado debate go...we have been arguing since 9am today and especially on Hey Brian..what a great day!

  • Miserable Week...Nice Weekend!

    It has been a dreary and very wet week with areas of flash flooding and severe storms thanks to a slow moving low pressure system that moved out of the Plains on Monday night and has affected us all week. The problems started on Monday morning when 1-2” of fell on Milwaukee in about 75 minutes creating flash flooding in low-lying areas.

  • Happy Birthday Cullen

    Happy Birthday to my buddy Jim Cullen! I surprised Cullen today with a cake and then Vince Vitrano started to sing Happy Birthday and the entire newsroom joined in. Cullen was embarrassed..his face turned red and not from See, he is a teddy bear inside. At least we did not spank him!

  • One More Day of Seattle Weather

    On Monday I told you it was going to be an ugly week and unfortunately that is what it has been as a very slow moving low pressure system has brought clouds, fog, rain, storms and more rain and clouds. Today is cloudy with scattered showers and drizzle and highs in the 60s.

  • One More Week

    Until Summerfest! I can't wait for the Big Gig. Last year had 11 perfect days of weather, it is doubtful we will be able to repeat that this year especially with the weather we have had to endure the past few months.

  • Am I dreaming?

    My buddy LeRoy Butler was in the building this morning promoting a charity event and he was asking where I was so he could show me pictures of 3 month old LeRoy Jr and he wanted to see pictures of Ali and Austin. I finally ran into him in the hallway outside the weather center and he gave me a big hug and was so happy to see me. LeRoy Butler, my favorite Packer ever, happy to see me? I am officially! I love that guy...and he is so hilarious. We talked about the smoke and fires in and around Jacksonville (where he is from and still has a home). He said that the forecast says rain everyday in Jacksonville but they never get anything and his new lawn is burning up. I told him that is not my problem...blame the weather guys in Jacksonville. I also said it was my way of getting him back for not offering me a Super Bowl ticket. hahaha! LeRoy Jr. is a getting very big and Butler now thinks he has a future nose tackle. He loves Austin's Packer pictures and when he saw Ali's pictures from Fish's wedding this past weekend he asked if I had a gun to scare the boys away because I will need it. "Remember Brian, I have 4 daughters..I will teach you!" He also told me that his family and friends still tease him when he did the weather with me a few months ago...he watched it and thought it was hilarious! He may want my job. He asked me to bring the kids to his charity event at the end of the month and then I asked if he could make an appearance at my bowling tournament next March for the MACC Fund. I was hoping I could get him and it looks good! Thanks for making my day LeRoy!

Milwaukee, WI

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