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Brian Gotter: Welcome Back, Gotter

Weather and a whole lot more!

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  • Hot, Humid, Some Evening Storms

    Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin are in the grips of a heat wave with highs in the mid 90s for a second straight day, but no records..yet. Sunday’s high was 95 and the record is 98 from 1942. Monday’s high in Milwaukee was 94 and the record is 97 from 1991.

  • Austin Crawling

    Austin will be 10 months old next week and he started crawling last week and is now all over the house. It is amazing how they become little people overnight once they can move and explore. He is no longer a baby.

  • Get Crazy with the French!

    Today is Bastille Day and you could cause pandemonium in downtown Milwaukee tonight by Storming the Bastille nude. Yes, it is also Pandemonium Day and Nude Day..HELLO! I think you might get arrested if you try to run the 5k tonight in the buff, but think how fast you will run!

  • Don't Ruin Our Brat!

    Leave it to Minnesota to ruin a brat by adding Gummy Bears. Are you kidding me? Now they are testing Kool Aid, Pop Tarts and Snickers. Man Up!

  • Oakfield Tornado

    As of today, there have been 31 tornadoes across Milwaukee this year, above the annual average of 23, mainly because of the 15 tornadoes in north central Wisconsin on April 10th. There have been 8 EF0, 16 EF1, 6 EF2 and 1 EF3 tornado in Merrill.

  • 1995 Heat Wave

    On this date last year, Milwaukee had a record 1.82” of rain and a week later was the historic 5-11” of rain that created devastating floods across SE Wisconsin. July 2010 ended up being the wettest on record with nearly 11” of rain…normal is 3.58”.

  • One more great day

    Another Top 10 Weather Day in SE Wisconsin as highs remain in the 70s for most of the area except a few lower 80s west of Waukesha. The humidity is starting to creep up, but remains comfortable and there is just an isolated chance of a shower well west.

  • Finally a day for me!

    Weatherwise, this is my kind of day...sunny, low humidity and highs in the 70s, but for a crazy holiday, today is finally a day for me!

  • Baked Potato Eating Contest

    I was just invited to compete in the Baked Potato Eating contest at the State Fair in 3 weeks. I won it 2 years ago and lost by a second to Roller Derby Queen "Justice" last year because I was having too much fun with the crowd. This year I am focused and ready to reclaim this prestigious title!

  • Open the July?

    Comfortable weather is the forecast for Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin today with highs near 70 along the lake due to a NE breeze and upper 70s around Waukesha. There are a few clouds today, but no rain is in the forecast and the humidity is very low….open up those windows! A rare July treat.

  • Top 10 Weather!

    A beautiful day is the forecast for Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin with sunshine, more comfortable humidity levels and highs in the lower 80s. There is a very slight chance of an isolated shower late this afternoon and evening from a storm system that is bringing rain to Minnesota and northern Wisconsin.

  • Morning storms...muggy day

    After two rounds of morning storms that caused wind damage and our first significant rain in over 2 weeks with 0.5” t0 1” of rain, the rest of the day is warm and very humid with highs in the mid 80s. If the sun comes out, we could easily get into the upper 80s and that heat and humidity will cause a few scattered t’storms to develop this afternoon..nothing like this morning!

  • Goodbye Shuttle and Space

    There is nothing like a Shuttle launch! The power, the sound, the beauty. It's one of the things I miss about Florida. Friday mornings last launch was a sad day for me and science. After 30 years and 135 missions, the Shuttle program is coming to an end with no replacement in site...just layoffs at NASA.

  • Summer weekend

    A beautiful week of weather ended with a gorgeous Friday and highs in the lower 80s in Milwaukee..a normal July day! In addition the wind was light, the humidity very low and lots of sun. This evening will be perfect for any outdoor activities as temps drop into the 60s.

  • Comfortable days before humid weekend

    A hazy sky with peeks of sunshine is the forecast for Milwaukee today with highs in the 70s thanks to a light easterly breeze. Highs will be in the lower 80s west of Waukesha and everyone will enjoy low humidity. It will be another gorgeous evening as temperatures drop into the 60s and a light breeze for Summerfest and the Brewer game.

  • Stop making these crazy days!

    Today is National Fried Chicken Day (yummy, especially Popeye's), Kiss Day (pucker up) and take your webmaster to lunch day (invented by webmasters around the world).

  • Depressed Cows

    You have heard that happy cows are productive cows and it has just been proven. Milk production is down in Wisconsin from last May to this May. Last May was beautiful weatherwise and this May was miserable. So the nasty spring had all of us and the cows depressed, and as a result, the cows produced less milk. Just blame the meteorologist.

  • Favre to return?

    It is like watching the movie Groundhog Day. Better yet, it's like a re-occurring nightmare. Reports are that Favre is thinking about returning to football this season.

  • Bikinis at Summerfest

    Today at Summerfest from 5-7pm...the World's Largest Happy Hour. I thought that was everyday in Milwaukee?!

  • Beautiful rest of week

    Last night’s cold front has shifted the winds off the lake and highs today will be in the 70s near the lakefront and lower 80s west of Waukesha with plenty of sun and dropping humidity.

Milwaukee, WI

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Scattered Clouds
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