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Brian Gotter: Welcome Back, Gotter

Weather and a whole lot more!

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  • Fall Outlook

    We had a taste of fall last week, but it always seems like we get our first true fall chill right after Labor Day weekend which is now just a few weeks away.

  • Rain & Humidity Return

    The forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin for Friday includes a little more humidity with increasing clouds and highs near 80 and an isolated threat of a shower. Lows tonight drop into the mid 60s and it will be damp with T'showers likely.

  • Dog Days are Over

    As of today, the Dog Days of summer are behind us. July 3 through August 11 are considered the Dogs Days going back to ancient times when Romans believed the Dog Star, Sirius, added extra heat as it rises and sets with the sun during this time. This is obviously false, but these are the warmest weeks of the year.

  • Sunny Day & Comfortable

    The forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin for Thursday is sunny, highs near 80, a light breeze and low humidity….another great day!

  • Creme Puff Contest

    The Creme Puff Eating Contest at the State Fair is happening as I write this and I am not there. I am boycotting this year as a result of too many rule changes the past 3 years to keep me from winning. I am on a creme puff strike! Just kidding. Actually, I am at the station working due to scheduling issues and the diet I have been on does not allow for a 5 pound creme puff. 4,000 calories..yummy , but not good for the wasteline.

  • Winter Fest

    I was honored to be invited to the Frontier Airline Convention Center this morning as the return of Winter Fest was announced.

  • Lazy Day to Enjoy Duran Duran

    Kick back and do nothing today as it is National Lazy Day. While doing nothing, make a few s'mores while enjoying the 80's band, Duran Duran. I agree that s'mores need a day, but Duran Duran? That means Boy George gets a day. Oh how I miss 80s music.

  • When does school start?

    Ali asked when she can go back to school this morning...she misses it!

  • Finally, Low Humidity!

    The forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin for Tuesday is beautiful weather thanks to last night’s cold front finally getting rid of the high humidity. Highs will be near 80 today with a few clouds and a gusty NW wind up to 30 mph.

  • Brewer Fever

    Our 1st place Brewers have won 4 in a row, 11 of 12 and 16 of 21...they are on fire.

  • Weekend Fun

    It was another busy and fun Gotter Weekend with a party, tailgating, Family Night at Lambeau and golf with friends.

  • Last Humid Day...Great Week

    The forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin for Monday is mostly cloudy and still humid with temperatures near 80 degrees which is normal for this time of year. Scattered showers are expected this afternoon until about 6pm.

  • Packer Tickets

    Yesterday is one of my favorite days of the year...Christmas in August!

  • Sticky Weekend, Relief Next Week

    The forecast for Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin is partly cloudy, more humid with highs in the upper 70s along the lake and mid 80s west of Waukesha and a light easterly breeze.

  • A Beautiful Day

    The forecast for Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin today is beautiful! Highs will be near 80 with some humidity and a light breeze off the lake so the lakefront will drop into the upper 70s this afternoon. There are some clouds providing shade which is welcomed at the Fair Grounds since there is not much protection from the strong sunshine, which makes it feel like the lower 90s when walking around.

  • Two weeks with family

    I have been on vacation for the past two weeks and enjoyed every second. I have not had 2 weeks off in a row since before high school. I took a week off when both Ali and Austin were born, but that is not a's exhausting with a newborn. So what was I doing? I was busy doing projects around the house that I wanted to get off my list, spent quality time with the kids and Tina, celebrated Ali's 6th birthday, went boating and jet skiing, had family visiting for a week so took them around Milwaukee and went to Door County for a weekend ...those are just a few things that I did.

  • Cooler and less humid

    Yesterday’s cold front brought some damaging winds south of Milwaukee, but it has also brought cooler and drier NE winds for today with highs in the lower 80s and less humidity, especially by late afternoon and this evening. Heat indices were over 100 yesterday and only in the 80s today.

  • First Day Back

    It is great to be back to work today and I even had a few storms to track. I have to thank everyone for all the emails and voicemails asking where I have was extremely flattering. Many of you said I can't take a day off or call in sick from now on. That made me smile and laugh. I need off for a Packer game in a few months..please?!

  • Hot, Hazy, Humid, Stormy

    The heat and humidity will be very high today across Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin with highs near 90 and heat indices over 100 degrees in the shade. The wind will also be very light making it more uncomfortable. A heat advisory is in effect until 7pm for Milwaukee, Waukesha, Jefferson, Walworth, Racine and Kenosha Counties due to the dangerous heat and humidity.

  • Miserable night of weather

    Day 2 of the heat wave in Milwaukee with a high of 95 again and extreme humidity. At 10pm, Milwaukee was 88 with a rare dew point of 81 (off the charts) and a heat index of 104 and a light breeze...that is thick!

Milwaukee, WI

Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds
WSW at 6 mph

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