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Brian Gotter: Welcome Back, Gotter

Weather and a whole lot more!

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  • Rain, Wind, Chill...Fall Returns

    After a bonus day of sunshine and highs in the 70s for the 9th consecutive day in Milwaukee (tied record from 1953 & 1947), the forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin is for scattered showers tonight with lows in the mid 50s. Thursday will be the first rainy day of the month and the rain will be heavy at times and you may even hear a few rumbles of thunder with highs in the lower 60s…normal for mid October.

  • Changes on the way

    The forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin calls for change. After 11 days of perfect weather and 9 days with a high of at least 70 degrees (that has not happened in October since 1953), scattered rain showers are possible tonight along with patchy fog and lows in the mid 50s. Wednesday will be mostly cloudy with scattered showers and a few rumbles of thunder with highs in the upper 60s.

  • Impressive Packers

    I was not confident about the Packers winning on Sunday (tough to win in Atlanta and they wanted revenge from playoff loos, plus our defense has been shaky). When The Pack started down 14-0, I was not shocked, and then Finely drops an easy touchdown and gets Clifton hurt. It was not pretty! But this team keeps finding ways to win. They are tough and whenever someone goes down with an injury and they put in a rookie, they step up. It's a sign of a great team!

  • Teeth Issues

    Now that Ali has a few missing teeth, she has the cutest lisp when she's adorable!

  • Indian Summer?

    The past 10 days may have been the nicest weather in the Milwaukee area all year…sunshine, low humidity, light wind and highs in the 70s and 80s…that’s 10 to 15 degrees above normal.

  • 10 Days of Perfection..Coming to an End

    The forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin is for another great night with a few clouds and lows in the 50s and some patchy fog.

  • Great Weekend

    The forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin is for a mild night with lows near 60 and some patchy fog.

  • Great Weekend

    The forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin is for a warmer night with lows in the 50s and some patchy fog.

  • Ditto!

    The forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin for tonight is clear and cool with lows in the lower 50s along the lake and upper 40s inland.

  • Streak Continues

    The forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha, and SE Wisconsin is for a beautiful evening with temperatures in the 50s and 60s and a cool night with lows near 50 along the lake and 40s elsewhere under a clear sky.

  • What a week

    The forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin is more beautiful fall weather, and not just for a day or two, but an entire week. Last week a slow moving low pressure system kept us cloudy, cool and rainy. This week, a large area of high pressure will keep us sunny, mild and beautiful with highs temperatures in the 70s..that’s 5 to 10 degrees above normal.

  • Muscles and Hair

    Tina and her friends are in love with Clay are most of the ladies in Wisconsin. "He is so hot!" That is not me saying that..haha.

  • Great Fall Weekend

    After a dreary and rainy week, the stubborn low pressure system has left the upper Midwest and high pressure will bring a nice fall weekend to Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin.

  • Fall Means Frost & Colors

    Fall is definitely in the air after this past week’s dreary and cool weather. Areas away from the lakefront woke up to frost this weekend.

  • Awesome Weather for Mega Sports Weekend

    Welcome to October and that usually means craziness in the weather world, but this weekend, Wisconsin sports rules. Weather is important, especially for the fans going to the games, but all the excitement is with our Brewers, Badgers and Packers. Does it get any better?

  • 5 years already!

    Five years ago today Tina, Ali and myself left the Twin Cities & moved to home! It was the toughest decision to leave such a great job with wonderful people and opportunities to fill-in at the national level in New York City. Plus, WCCO made me who I am today....the goofy meteorologist. It was even harder to leave our friends, but we had to go and it has been the best decision we have ever made. These past 5 years have been the best of my career. Thanks to everyone in SE Wisconsin for welcoming me into your homes and making me feel like one of your friends. I hope to be here for the rest of my is so great to be home!

  • Very Windy Night

    The forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin is for a lot of wind tonight and tomorrow with scattered showers and lows in the 40s tonight. The cold front passed through Milwaukee this afternoon with downpours, lots of lightning and scattered reports of pea size hail. The rain the rest of the evening will be scattered and lighter than in the afternoon. The main issue this evening and tonight is the wind out of the NW at 25-35 mph and gusts around 50 mph. A High Wind Warning starts at 7pm until 7am Friday for all of SE Wisconsin.

  • Brewers

    Congratulations to the Brewers on a record breaking season...96 wins and record attendance!! It's been a great ride and can't wait for the post season excitement to begin this Saturday at Miller Park.

  • Bow Ties

    I went tie shopping on Wednesday. I know, sounds exciting, but settle down...not my favorite thing to do. They are the worst invention ever..very uncomfortable and waste of money....haha.

  • Ali Losing Teeth

    I pulled Ali's 2nd tooth out this week when I went home for dinner between newscasts Wednesday night. I walked into the house and she wanted me to pull out her tooth. umm, sure! Let me get the pliers...kidding. It took a few minutes and it was out and she was all smiles.

Milwaukee, WI

SE at 14 mph

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