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Brian Gotter: Welcome Back, Gotter

Cullen Update

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I spent an hour with my friend Jim Cullen last night after work. He looks great and he was eating dinner while I was there. I joked that he is always eating around me. He was all smiles...with a few Cullen glares..followed by a laugh. He is walking with a cane and his speech is improving but still can't understand some words. Considering he had brain surgery 12 days ago, he looks outstanding. He had a Teach Me How To Bucky T-shirt and South Milwaukee Red Rocket sweatpants Cullen! He loved my funny card and we can't wait to go bowling together...we talk weather, sports and bowling all the time...miss it...miss him.

I was picking on Cullen as usual and said we should do a Hey Brian from his hospital room via Skype.  He laughed, said I was crazy and then said I was full of ....  Yes, he cussed at me!  That’s the Cullen I know and love.  He had his smile, laugh, humor and serious look at times.  The nurses said they now understand what I go through every day at work and begged me to take him home.  I'm kidding!  They say he is so sweet.  Say what?  Cullen sweet?  Oh no!  
It was so great to see Cullen.  Prayers for Jim, Pam and their kids.

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