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One Year Ago...Austin Was Born

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It was one year ago Wednesday evening that Tina and I calmly walked into the hospital to have our second child.  I say calmly, because you are so much more relaxed and prepared compared to the first time when you are freaking out.  You just have no idea what to expect.

After 22 hours of labor and an emergency c-section which gotmy heart rate up a bit for awhile, Austin was born at 8pm on September 22...where did this past year go?  The first 7 months were exhausting and at times felt like 5 years because he was not sleeping very well, but things are great now and time is flying by.

He has grown up so fast and says momma, dadda, ali and a few other words.  He is very talkative and mobile.  He has been pulling himself up for a few weeks now and now he is cruising all around as he holds onto the furniture.  At times he lets go and he balances.  He will be walking in the next week and then the fun really begins.  This kid is going to be into everything.

He has the best personality, just like Ali was a baby.  He is always smiling and laughing.  If he starts to get a little crabby, you can have him laughing in seconds.  He is so funny and independent and makes me laugh everyday.  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family.

Holding Austin for the first time..he was so small
















False advertising in hospital..once he got home, he was not this quiet












My favorite picture and moment in hospital...watching first movie with my kids.












My little Cheesehead..6 months old
















He is always smiling!































One year old!












Our precious and beautiful children...thank goodness they got Tina's looks.  Ali has been the best big sister ever...better than we ever dreamed.  She is like a mother to Austin.












HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY AUSTIN!!  We love you.

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