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Brian Gotter: Welcome Back, Gotter


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Big news at the Gotter house this weekend.

Austin has been pulling himself up for weeks now and this weekend he started to balance and will be walking soon! Tina and I looked at each other and shouted "no!"  How come you can't wait for your first child to start walking, but dread it with the next kids?  Because we learn that the easy days are over once they start to move!

Ali's friends have all lost at least 1 tooth over the past year while Ali just waits and waits.  She wants to lose her first tooth so bad and checks all the time is one is loose or not.  Tina and I joke that they will all fall out at once and during Sunday night dinner Ali said her four front teeth were now loose.  We didn't believe her because she always says this, but we checked and all four are loose.  She is so excited and said that she thinks they would all fall out at school today.  Not likely, but she will be obsessed until they do.  I will need to take a loan out for all these teeth falling out at once.

We have joked about it and more than likely she will have no front teeth during the holidays and have cute pictures. She will sing, all I want for Christmas are my 4 front teeth..LOL!

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