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Brian Gotter: Welcome Back, Gotter

What Next?

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Last night as I drove home I came up to what I thought was a fender bender just south of Brown Deere Rd on I-43.   A sheriff pulled up the same time I did and he stopped me from passing the scene as he jumped out of his car with gun drawn..holy crap!  This was no fender bender!   In a matter of moments, a guy was lying on the ground and handcuffed and then a few minutes later a second man was cuffed on the ground with lots of police officers around the scene with guns out...some right next to my truck.   I had a front row seat to the action. wow! The police were very impressive!

 They say it was a case of road rage with the threat of a gun. I was right in the action, but no wife or kids in the car made it a lot less stressful.  The entire incident took less than 10 minutes...very impressive to watch the police in action like that!















I say what is next because what a week I've had so far.  Dog ran away for 7 hours, I was stung by a bee, this situation last night and now I have a cold.  Don't get to close to me..I am cursed right now.

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Milwaukee, WI

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Few Clouds
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