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Brian Gotter: Welcome Back, Gotter

Day 1 of Summerfest

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Perfection!  The weather was ideal...70, sunshine, low humidity and a light breeze.  The crowd was so much fun, loved the weather and so ready to party!

I love going to the festivals to meet our viewers and I felt like I shook almost everyone's hand and took 10,000 pictures.  Everyone was so complimentary and made my day.  I am so honored and flattered by everyone's comments.  Not bad considering I have only been here 5 years and on newscasts that are on while many people are at work.

The three common phrases from yesterday besides can I get a picture, you are hilarious and your kids are beautiful were;

1.) You are much taller in person.  My response, how big is your TV?  If it is 6'4", I am coming over to your house to watch football!

2.) Where is Cullen?  We love that guy and the Hey Brian two are like bickering brothers

3.) Thanks for the great weather.  Take credit because we all threw you under the bus this past spring.

Day 1 was outstanding...Day 2 will be just as great and warmer with highs in the 80s and more humidity.  Be careful on Friday with highs in the mid 90s and high humidity...heat indices will be near 110.  Drink plenty of non-alcoholic beverages.  I know, I's Summerfest and water is not the beverage of choice.  There seems to be at least one of these scorchers every year at the Big Gig.

Have fun and I hope to see you down there.


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