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Not much sleep

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The past two nights have been rough with barely any sleep.  Austin and Ali both got fevers Tuesday evening.  Austin's was minor and from teething, but man was he crabby and did not want to sleep.  Ali's fever was just under 102 and she was freezing...just like that.  One moment we were playing in the backyard, the next minute she was complaining of not feeling well.

Neither of the kids slept well Tuesday night, especially Austin.  He just wanted to cry, but you could see how tired he was.  Ali's fever was almost 103 Wednesday morning and she just wanted to lay on the couch..not even watch TV.  She was all covered up and shivering.  You could just tell she was not feeling well.  She is usually jumping all around and full of energy...not yesterday.  My poor baby, and I had to leave all day for work.  Tina called me while I was at Summerfest yesterday afternoon and Ali's fever was now at 104.1. It dropped a little last evening and she was staying hydrated so our doctor was not worried just yest.

Last night Austin was still crabby and up most of the night thanks to teething..come on are killing me here. Ali's still had a high fever (even with medicine) and she was up most of the night with the chills, but her fever finally broke early this morning...the sparkle is back in her eyes, she wants to play and finally eat. I was getting very worried about her last night.  I am so glad she is feeling can just see it in her face.

Now if I could get all of Austin's teeth to come in at once we could all sleep!  I just hope he does not get what Ali had.  She has not been allowed to touch or kiss him and that bothered her more than anything.  She kept asking if she could hug him this morning.  She loves her little brother.

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