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Great Weekend

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I was looking forward to this past weekend and it delivered!  What a great weekend with Tina, the kids and our friends.

Friday night Tina and I were feeling brave and decided to take the kids to the Brewer game.  Ali has been going since we moved here almost 5 years ago when she was about 16 month old and loves it.  Austin has been to a day game, but never a night game.  Both kids took a great nap on Friday so we went to the game against the Twins.  Who would Ali cheer for...the Twins, her birthplace of Minneapolis, or her question, the Brewers and her Bernie Brewer.  She could not wait to show Austin Bernie Brewer and the Sausages and Bernie's House.  She still calls Miller Park, Bernie's House after all these years.  I bet she does the rest of her life..

We had great seats and what a night.  The roof was open, beautiful weather and an exciting game.  It was the first game all four of us went together and it was probably one of my favorite games ever.  The kids were wonderful and having a blast and they lasted the entire game.  I thought we would have to leave by the 6th inning because of Austin (who usually goes to bed before 8), but there was to much to see...he could not get enough and he loved the cheerleaders on the dugout.  He was all smiles and giggling....that's my!

Ali wants to go to the play area at Miller Park for awhile every game we attend so she can go down Bernie's slide, see how fast she can throw a ball and do the Racing Sausage game..but not Friday night.  She did not want to leave her seat.  She was having to much fun watching the game and eating everything in sight.

Both kids were awesome and exhausted but they were all smiles all night, but Austin was asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot.  We were home by 10:30 and they were out.

Saturday was a relaxing day at home and playing outside in the great weather.  Our friends came over around 2pm with their 4 kids and we met up with other friends and their two kids at Strawberry Fest in Cedarburg...the 3 mile drive from our house took forever with all the was crazy packed.  So imagine trying to get through the crowds with all those kids...that was a job.  So we had some food and walked around for a bit and let the kids play at the park before heading back to our house for BBQ and a fire in the fire pit.  The kids wanted s' did I.  What a day and what a night with family and friends.  Our backyard was out of control with all the kids...I loved it, especially hearing them have so much fun.

Sunday morning started too early as I had to head downtown to emcee the Brainsotrm walk/run for epilepsy along the lakefront.  I was there from 8 until 11:30 and what a great morning for such a wonderful cause.  I was the emcee last year and it poured and was windy and cold.  It was the exact opposite this year and once again I met so many great people.  I can't believe some of the stories.  One young man was having 100 seizures a day and then had an operation and has not had a seizure in years.  Incredible.  I can't imagine living through all that, but they do and without any complaints.

After the event I went home for a few hours to enjoy the great day with my family.  We played in the backyard and fired up the grill again before I had to head into work and do the evening newscasts for vacationing Michael Fish.

It was a great weekend.  I hope yours was as well!

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