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Fish Wedding Pictures

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My buddy Fish had his wedding last weekend and here are a few pictures of my family before the ceremony.  No personal pictures were allowed during the ceremony or reception so all you get to look at is my beautiful family.  I will say that the wedding was elegant and Trinity looked gorgeous in her remarkable dress.  Thre reception was breathtaking with all the flowers and candles in the was unbelievable and lived up to all the hype.

Ali in the salon














Fish was getting nervous before the ceremony and had tears in his eyes a few times during the day...I loved that.  Never saw him like that before!



















My Princess!  She was so beautiful that it made me tear up when I saw her.  She was so excited to be wearing makeup.



















The most beautiful flowergirl EVER!!!!!



















I am in so much trouble.  I can't believe she is almost 6..looks 16


















































Fish stylin' with the flower girls...Jaden and Ali



















My girls are gorgeous!  I am very lucky!!!!!!



















What a night with my beautiful wife



















The weather boys!

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