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Brian Gotter: Welcome Back, Gotter

Still Tired

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It was a great weekend with Fish's wedding on Saturday.  The rehearsal was Friday evening and the dinner downtown Milwaukee was outstanding.  Saturday was a long day and the wedding was gorgeous...exactly what I expected from Trinity.  She is very detail oriented and did not miss a thing.  I was up until almost 1am Sunday morning having a blast with friends at the reception and afterward and only got 90 minutes of sleep ( I did not sleep well because I was worried about over-sleeping and being late for the morning show).  I wore my tuxedo on the news Sunday morning for fun and my fear came true.  I had to stay late at work as a line of downpours slowly (10mph) tracked from Madison to Milwaukee.  The storms were in Madison at 4am and finally moved out over the lake after 11am...that is pathetic.  The storms never became severe, but they dropped a lot of rain and if I would have left, warnings would have been's Murphy's Law.

It wasn't the best start to Father's Day, but the morning show was fun.  I went back to the hotel to pick up Ali and Tina and then we headed home to be with Austin.  I did take a 90 minute nap while he slept and the rest of the day was relaxing with the kids and Tina.  I was beat, but did not want to sleep the day away.

I did get about 10 hours of sleep last night, but knew today would be's always the following day.  I feel like I am in a daze...a sleep coma.  I fell right to sleep, but I did wake up twice last night...2:30 with a huge crack of thunder and 3:30 when Ali tickled my nose because she had a bad dream.  That girl is going to give me a heart attack!

Another good night of sleep tonight and I should be back to normal...whatever normal is!

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Milwaukee, WI

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