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New State Fair Food

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Every summer we get so excited about the State Fair...the rides, the music, the people watching and of course the food!  There are annual favorites like the creme puff, baked potato, and the corn, but to keep us interested and buying more food, vendors come up with crazy ideas like deep fried beer last year at the Texas State Fair. 

Last year, The Machine Shed created a few new foods that were huge hits at the Wisconsin State Fair...chocolate covered bacon and the crispy creme burger.  I liked both, but the burger should have been replaced with a Jimmy Deans sausage and add maple syrup...delicious!

It seems like the challenge is on to see what we can fry, and the options are limitless.  The deep fried Twinkies and snickers bar to name a few.  The folks at The Machine Shed are up to it again and have introduced this years new food.....Deep Fried Butter.  Only in Wisconsin and it comes with dipping sauce.  Is the dipping sauce melted butter?

It sounds gross, but I bet it is yummy.  I also saw a Today Show story on Monday morning telling you how bad restaurant appetizers are and many are worse than a stick of butter.   I guess I am just trying to justify eating a stick of fried butter in August compared to my favorite appetizers.

I will try it, but I can guarantee I will not enter a fried butter eating contest!

I can't wait for the State Fair.

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