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Kenny Chesney Concert

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Saturday was a day that Tina and I had been looking forward to for more than 8 months...the Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown Band concert at Lambeau Field.  Yes I look for any excuse to go to Lambeau.  Tina is the huge country fan, but after 13 years, she is making me see the light.  I like Kenny Chesney, but I love Zac Brown Band and I could not wait to see them.  

We got to Lambeau just before noon and tailgated until about 5pm with friends.  We missed most of Uncle Kracker since he opened the show at 4:30, but Billy Currington was very impressive.  Zac Brown started at 6:15 and played until 8pm.  I could not get enough..they could have performed all night.  Zac Brown actually sounds even better live then he does on CD..if that is possible.  You know you have talent when you can sing live, especially in a stadium with 50,000 screaming fans. Most of today's singers are great entertainers, but can't sing, like Fergie, Brittany and Taylor Swift and most hip-hop stars.  The entire concert sounded awesome...Lambeau sounded unbelievable and the crowd was so loud.  I loved it as a concert venue and have a feeling there will be more in the future...this was a huge success.

This was the best concert I have been to...yes better than Bon Jovi and I was very impressed with Alicia Keyes at Summerfest 2 years ago.   It was the great singing, the crowd and of course Lambeau.

Remember, I am not a huge country fan, but I have seen Kenny Chesney years ago when he first came out with She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy.  He is a good singer and a great entertainer.  I was impressed with his show and how he worked the crowd and he sang until almost 11pm.  Despite doing these huge stadium concerts for 8 years, and not many people can pull such a task off and well like he does, he admitted to being nervous because this is the greatest stadium of all.  I thought that was very cool.  He might say that at every show, but I doubt it.

I love how Kenny brings out all the other performers for the encore and they all sing together...simply amazing.  A huge party and the stands were rocking after a 6 hour concert.  In addition, there were two moments during this show that I won't forget.  Coach McCarthy was sitting in a skybox a few rows behind us and while Kenny Chesney was singing, he brought the Lombardi Trophy on the stage..the crowd went wild.  Second, during Chesney's band solos, the violinist introduces himself and says he is from Minnesota.  He was trying to be like, hey, I am a neighbor.  Instead, the stadium erupted in boos.  The poor guy had no idea what happened..he looked lost.  Umm, don't mention Minnesota at Lambeau Field...he learned that rule.

Once again, an awesome concert despite the weather being cloudy and cold with drizzle.  I was worried it was going to be hot and humid or rainy months ago..never thought it would be cold for Kenny's beach party.

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