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MACC Fund Golfing

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I had the honor of golfing in the 35th Annual Chili's MACC Open on Monday at Tuckaway CC.  It was my 4th year in a row and every year I meet the greatest people and leave the event feeling like I need to do so much more for the kids of  Wisconsin.  Everyone associated with the MACC Fund is outstanding and their passion for finding a cure for childhood cancer is so inspiring.

I would do anything to help, and I tell John McGlocklin and John Cary that all the time.  They have to be the nicest people around and John Cary has been so good to me and my family since I arrived in Milwaukee 5 years ago.  John McGlocklin loves to pick on me and he started the moment I drove into the parking lot at Tuckaway on Monday.  He was waiting for me to give me grief about the morning rain and that it better not rain during the golf outing that afternoon.  I joke right back and told him that John Malan was there as well, but he responded that I am second in command and it is my job to take the abuse.  Well put!

This year I got to golf with John McGlocklin's son, Shannon, and we hit it off immediately.  Come to find out they put us together knowing we would click.  We had a great afternoon of golf, laughing, getting to know each other and raising money for wonderful kids.  I took this opportunity to pick Shannon's brain about what I could do to help the MACC FUND more than I already do.  He said I should start up my own golf outing or anything that interests me.  The golf outing is a great idea and I am working on it but I think this year I am going to start a bowling tournament for the MACC Fund.  I already have a tentative date in March and have the ball rolling (hahaha).  This is going to be fun!

Shannon and I have been talking all week and are picking dates to get our families together and hang out.  He even wants me to golf in his league at times.  I golfed so well on Monday that I may have given them the wrong idea..I'm just OK.  John McGlocklin rode along with me for a few holes and the joking and laughing continued.  He is awesome..what a great family and I hope to get to know them better.  While he was in my golf cart, I was golfing out of my mind...every shot.  He joked that he should stop picking on me and sponsor me in the PGA...that got a big laugh.  I had so much fun!

While I was golfing on Monday, I was asked if I wanted to help with the MACC Fashion Show in October.  I immediately said yes and was excited thinking I would emcee the event, but then they said they wanted me to be a model.  A model?  I just started to laugh.  Calvin Klein was at last years Fashion Show..I am not worthy of that.  I have agreed to be a model for comical purposes and now I need to get in shape and learn the walk.  Watch me trip on my face.

A huge thank you to the MACC Fund again so inviting me to be a part of their great events and organization.  I just want to do so much more to help!

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