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Brian Gotter: Welcome Back, Gotter


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Everyone has nicknames; some are fitting for the person and their personality and others are just funny or even mean.  Some of us get a nickname because of something we did or because of who we look like.  Vince Vitrano has called me Drago from Rocky since the first week I worked at TMJ4 almost 5 years ago because I supposedly look like him...I wish!

I have many nicknames, but most people call me BG or Gotter.  Tina calls me Bri or B.

I call Tina, Sweet and Low, because she is short and sweet and loves sweet tea.  I also call her T, not because she loves to drink tea.  Friends also call her Street, Tbiz, or Boo.

Ali has all kinds of nicknames.  Her name is Alexis Makena and we call her Ali.  For fun, we use her first and middle names to get AliMac or LexiKena.  Tina also calls Ali is just cute and Ali also likes to be scared.  She is always saying Boo to Austin.   We call her Al as well...just a short and quick way to get her attention.  My common nickname for Ali is Freckles since she started to get a few freckles on her nose over the past year..they are so adorable.  I bet I will call her Freckles for the rest of her life.

Austin's name is Austin Jax (for for Jacksonville) so his nickname for a few of my buddies is AJ.  Tina will call him Aus and we joke that we should then call him Tin as well.  I have heard Aussie a few times, but he is not Australian so it does not fit.  Up until a month ago or so, I called him Tootie Bootie...he was a gaseous!  He has very red hair so Red is becoming common, but his popular names are Cheeks and now Sweet Cheeks because of his pinchable cheeks and he is so sweet and loving!

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