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Garage Sale

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Another sign of spring...garage sale signs pop up during the weekends and this weekend we are having a garage sale with our friends in Cedarburg.  This weekend is the annual Cedar Pointe garage sale in Cedarburg.  Never heard of it?  Its insane.  Not as big as the Jackson Village Garage Sale, but it is crazy busy.

Our friends have recently sold their home and are wanting to sell a lot of stuff, and we have wanted to get rid of clutter in our storage room and have talked about having a garage sale, so our friends asked us to bring our stuff to their neighborhood garage sale this weekend.  THANK YOU!

I love the idea of getting rid of all this stuff, especially all of Ali's baby clothes that we have kept for years just in case we had another girl.  Austin is lucky Tina does not dress him in pink everyday because we have a lot of pink clothes from Ali's baby years...bins and bins of clothes from newborn to now and hopefully it will all be gone by Saturday afternoon.

The excitement has waned a bit the past few days as we have been pricing all the items we are hoping to sell.  We have been up late all week, simply put, it is a tedious!  However, as we pull clothes and shoes out of bins, it reminds us of Ali's younger years...oh the memories.

After tagging everything, I load up my drunk and drive to Cedarburg to put all our stuff in their garage.  We are pretty much done and our storage area looks so clean....the bins of clothes are gone and hopefully won't return.  I have so much room on my storage shelves now!

The big day is Saturday and the weather looks warm but stormy, especially in the afternoon.  I am trying to keep the busy morning hours dry.  Tomorrow looks beautiful and some of the homes start selling stuff on Friday...our friends are one of those homes, so I think they will sell a lot tomorrow.  A man can dream!  LOL

Now I just have to keep Ali out of other garages so she does not want to buy more stuff.

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