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Ali's Concert

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I can't believe how fast this school year has flown by and Monday night, Ali had her school Spring Music Concert.

Last year Ali was part of the young and adorable K4 class and now she is an older and more mature Kindergarten student...hahaha.  Ali loves to sing and is so loud around the house, but she has started to get a little shy when daughter shy?  We told her to sing loud like she does at home and she was great.  The entire school was great!  The songs were inspirational and very cute and all the kids were very well behaved.  No hilarious moments to share, just a great concert!

Ali was a little quiet while singing (she looked tired), but I kept smiling at her and making Austin wave at her which made her smile and laugh.  They did so well that we went to Culver's after the concert with a few of her classmates and friends for some custard.  Then she was all full of energy and singing loud in the car.  I asked her where that was just a few minutes ago on stage..she smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

One of my favorite moments leading up to the concert was last week when Ali was singing in the house.  It was the last song that the entire school was going to sing at the concert and it was We are the World.  As she was singing, Tina and I joined in.  Ali stopped and just looked at us like we were freaks.  "How do you know that song?"  We just started laughing and explained it was a very popular song when we were kids.  She smiled and we all started singing.

Her is a picture of Ali on Monday evening before the concert.  They all wore white shirts and cute.




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