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Oakland Gyros

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Tina made my morning when she asked if I wanted to have lunch with her, and then she suggested Oakland Gyros, and I could not wait for 1:15 this afternoon.  My mouth was watering just thinking about the best Gyros in Milwaukee, or possibly in the country.  The cucumber sauce is the best.

My sister-in-law is part Greek and lives in Jacksonville, FL and we took her there a few years ago when she was visiting...she could not believe how delicious it was.  When she brags about the nice weather down south, we get her back by mentioning OG's.  She wants us to ship it to her..that is how good it is.

Lunch was outstanding!  The only issue is that you stink from all the garlic in the sauce, but it is so worth it.  Unfortunately, Tina would always know when I went to OG's.  "You and Fish went to OG's without me!"  You can't hide!

This was the first time to Oakland Gyros in months.  Tina and I have been watching what we eat and unfortunately that means cutting some things out.  I used to go once a week for lunch with Tina and/or was our ritual.  Oh how I missed it and I savored every bite today.  The poor kids will have to deal with a stinky mom and dad this evening...hahaha!

The good thing is that we won't eat dinner.  They give you so much food that Tina and I split the Gyro platter with curly fries (so much for being healthy) and we are stuffed.

What a lunch with Tina and Austin..he just starred at us while we devoured our food.  Poor Ali..she was in school. 

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