U.S. Post Office joins 'Band Together' pledge to end texting while driving

CREATED Sep 4, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 4, 2013

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SHOREWOOD - At the Post Office in Shorewood, they train new carriers on how to drive postal trucks. When they heard about our "band together" campaign, and how we're asking drivers to take pledge to stop texting and driving, they invited us come right over.

"Safety is number one on this job, and secondary is delivering the mail," said safety instructor Tom McGinnis.
McGinnis is the "safety guy" for the U.S. Post Office in Milwaukee.  It's his job to train all the new carriers how to be safe on the job.
"The post office has the largest fleets of vehicles in the United States.  The importance of learning defensive driving involved and avoiding any accidents, we stress a great deal," McGinnis said.
In 2011, almost a quarter of all car accidents involved cell phones.  McGinnis doesn't want his students to become part of that statistic.  The students explain it's a great reminder.
"It's a major problem because people get distracted so easily and it only takes one second for you to look down and boom, a car crash," Ashley Guyton said.
"It's a bad thing, people get into accidents all the time.  Hopefully it will be something that people will stop doing," said Jake Sirianni.