Security remains strong at Mitchell

CREATED Sep 9, 2011

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MILWAUKEE - Even though air travelers know there is a heightened terror alert it's a busy airport Friday afternoon.

"I live in Washington DC. I did hear there was a heightened alert," Anice Chenault says.

Chenault just flew into Milwaukee.

She feels pretty safe to fly.

"I'm actually flying Sunday as well.  I'm not particularly worried about security."

That's because airport officials haven't let their guard down since 9-11.

"Certainly Homeland Security and the TSA have put into place many measures to keep air travelers safe," Pat Rowe with General Mitchell Airport says.

Measures like checking bags, no liquids after the gate and making travelers take their shoes off.

It's not just TSA and homeland security keeping people safe.
"Want everyone here to be extra vigilant," Milwaukee Police Department Lt. Jason smith says.

Law enforcement will also be looking out for anything suspicious.

They want everyone to do the same.

"See something - say something if it doesn't belong say something," Smith says.        
Police claim about 80% of terror attacks are stopped because the public's help.

"That information that we take in everyday and try to make excess to terrorism is very important,” Smith says.

MPD has game plan for this weekend’s Brewers game.

"I would anticipate that Miller Park on Sept. 11th will be among the safest place in Wisconsin," Asst.

Police Chief Patrick Mitchell says.